1. Autofill forms so people don’t have to fill them out themselves
  2. Shorten forms to get more completes, but maybe lower quality leads
  3. Use low-friction sign-up — like Facebook or Twitter — and multiple payment options
  4. Give a narrow set of specific options, not a broad range, or just one choice
  5. Make close buttons big and juicy, but don’t look spammy or skeezy
  6. Give a compelling reason to take action today with the word “because”, to validate an emotional decision with the perception of clear thinking and logic
  7. Give “close network” social proof, like Facebook friends that like your brand — to reduce the risk of choosing because they’re not the first in their circle to take the leap
  8. Remind them of the immediacy of getting what they want

Running an eCommerce store is no walk in the park. Every store owner out there must be coming up with new strategies, ways to increase sales, and move their eCommerce store to the next level. But there’s one thing every store owner would be worried out — abandoned carts.



SEO Specialist

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